I want you to meet Kristina. 

She's a beauty blogger with a fabulous ERC testimonial. She swears her lashes have grown since using our primer and while we make no scientific claims, a person's experience cannot be argued with. 

You can see her blog post HERE. She was doing a giveaway, and depending on when you are reading this, you may have a chance to win!

We've been getting a lot of attention from the YouTube and Beauty community and we are grateful for the shout outs and feedback we have been given. 

We are very proud of our unique formula and the benefits of our line, but we are always improving and we want to hear from you! If there is a special product or a change you'd like to see, email us at 

Don't leave out photos and testimonials! We love to highlight our customers and their experiences. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out our gear, click HERE on apparel and put your "game face" on.