Beauty for a Cause

It isn't enough to just be a cosmetic company, make fantastic makeup available to our customers and grow a business...there has to be more than that. 

As the owner of Eisley Rose Cosmetics, I wanted to marry a cause near and dear to my heart with my company. So I decided, outside of our company making regular donations, what else can we do? 

I mean, I aim to eventually go into the field and help...physically, but I'm just one person. 

We have a lot of loyal customers and our numbers are growing why not give them the opportunity to be involved. So...that's what we did! We want to partner with YOU! 

Now you probably want to know what I'm talking about...let me tell you...


That's right...innocent children being held captive as sex slaves. This has to stop and I HAVE to be a part of the solution. Would you consider helping us?  We have partnered with an organization called Destiny Rescue

Together we can do this...I just know it.