I hesitated in writing this blog post because we are trying to keep a "professional" image and photos of my kids loading vehicles seemed more personal than professional. The truth heart is to share life with you. Share what we do as a company in REAL LIFE. My kids are as involved in this business as we are (relative to their age anyway).

 As your orders poured in to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey, we felt like we needed to do more. Actually it was my daughter's idea to pack up what we could, drive it down to Houston and volunteer in some capacity.

My initial reaction was a big NO! Why? Because I'm a busy woman and it would be VERY inconvenient. We are sending money, doing our part...

As I was sharing the conversation with my husband, he simply asked..."When are you leaving?". A little shocked, I had to really look inside and ask myself what was holding me back? So...the kids and I gathered donations and drove down to Houston to volunteer at Spindle Tap Brewery, where they have been accepting all kinds of supplies. 

We helped to sort and load vehicles that were headed to other cities like Beaumont, which was hit very hard and short of necessary items. If you would like to send any diapers or cleaning supplies, you can send them directly to Spindle Tap Brewery at 10622 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77016. They still have needs. 

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to help our fellow Texans. 

Thank you to all who ordered in efforts to contribute. We were able to send a nice monetary donation on your behalf!